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Once the Canadian fiancée arrives in the United States, the couple has 90 days to marry.

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Federal immigration and visa law covers marriages to foreign nationals within the United States. citizen and considering a marriage to a Canadian, familiarize yourself with the basics of immigration law.

As citizens of a foreign country, Canadians must follow these rules or risk denial of their visas and deportation from the country. Foreign citizens may come to the United States after obtaining a visa. citizen inside the United States, and then take up permanent residence in the United States, must first file a visa application in Canada. citizen must follow the rules and procedure for immigration as the spouse of a Canadian to Canada. citizen must first file Form I-129F with the USCIS. If successful, this will result in the issuance of a K-1 visa at the consulate.

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The sponsor bridegroom must have the economic capacity of supporting his or her fianc (e).