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I just remember hearing him do that on [his] song and I thought it was dope. So, when I was doing the song at Storch house, I’m like, I was thinking about doing it in the same vein, but I couldn’t think of what name so I just said the same name because I thought it would be funny.” While The Game may have shut down claims of a growing romance with Karrueche, the model has also been rumored to be romantically linked to In addition, Karrueche also heated-up dating rumors with Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton, after the duo were said to have taken a private helicopter tour of Manhattan together back in April.

While neither Karrueche nor Lewis addressed the dating rumors directly, Tran recently clarified her relationship status during an interview with ‘s Emily Oberg in which the model admits that her schedule is too hectic to entertain a serious relationship at the moment.

Well either way, now’s as good a time as ever to show you some more pics of the woman who’s broken the Internet a few times before.

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It's now much harder to repeat that level of success with new games, although that's exactly what the best companies have done and will continue to do.

Global vision Elsewhere in the world, the situation is different.

Welcome to Pocket Gamer.biz's Top 50 developer list for 2016.

Now in its seventh year, it continues to demonstrate just how global and dynamic the mobile game industry is.

Of course, just like app store top grossing charts, at the top there's less movement.

It's become increasingly clear that in the west, the developers who - through a combination of luck and expertise - released a successful F2P game in 20 have been the biggest winners of the western mobile games explosion.

In the track, which includes a feature from singer Jeremih, The Game borrows a line from Chris Brown’s “Back To Sleep (Remix)” in which the singer shouts out his former girlfriend’s name with the lyrics, “You want me to say your name, girl? ” It didn’t take long for The Game’s new track to further fuel already budding romance claims between himself and Tran, prompting radio hosts from ‘s “Real After Party” show to inquire about the nature of his rumored relationship with Karrueche during an interview on Wednesday.

When asked if his “All Eyez” Karrueche shout-out was intended to be a dig towards Chris Brown, The Game explained, “Chris is a cool guy.

You’ve got incest, you’ve got rape, you’ve got prostitution… Robb Talisa, Jon Ygritte) are over because, you know, death.

Fortunately, real-life love is possible for varying duos from the television drama.

For three seasons audiences watched The Game and Tiffney Cambridge plan their wedding, call it off, and try to put the pieces back together on their show Marrying The Game.